“Stop Decadence”

Stop Decadence: Drawing session

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the act or process of falling into decay; deterioration or decline
1. deterioration, esp of morality or culture; decay; degeneration
2. the state reached through such a process
etymology: 16th cent: from French, from medieval Latin decadentia, literally: a falling away;

1. a group of people who live in a specific location, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage
2. a locality inhabited by such a group
3. a social, political or other group sharing common characteristics or interests
4. the public; society
5. a group of interacting plant and animal populations in a given area
6. condition of sharing or having things in common


Josefwiese, april 14th 2015

— Playground: Stop decadence! Drawing day —

I’m happy to be guest artists in this event!
We’ll be talking to people and doing some drawing!

Tuesday the 14th from 11 to 14 at the Josefwiese in Zurich.

Project by Paloma Ayala

” How does a world in constant search for progress and change, affects positively and negatively our present?

Decadence in a cultural sense understood as the inability or impossibility of promoting changes is the starting point for the establishment of the series of community interactions and the production of knowledge and representations. Through conversations and active participation of a community in a workshop, STOP DECADENCE! incorporates opinions about visions of the future for modern human settlements into an artistic research process.”


More about this project, here: